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The Platform for UGC Video Ads Starring Your Customers

Uplifted is the leading platform for creating high-performing, on-brand UGC video ads starring your customers, offering a hands-off, end-to-end solution at scale.

Create a stream of breakthrough creative to drive continuous growth

Create a stream of breakthrough creative to drive continuous growth

Leverage the power of human creativity and AI to 10X your content output, increase ad performance, and maximize customer lifetime value.

The end-to-end video engine built for high-performance marketers

Uplifted is the only solution that automates customer video creation and moderation, streamlines editing, and provides you with powerful video management and collaboration tools.

Win at paid performance

Get high-quality UGC video ads built for social and increase ROAS, CPA, and CPI across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and more.

Uplifted - Instagram & TikTok UGC Video Ads Examples
Win at paid acquisition performance

Better results, zero effort, at a fraction of the cost

Our platform is fully automated and autonomous, producing ready-to-go ad creatives quickly for you. Say goodbye to briefs, negotiations, product seeding, or weeks of waiting for content.

How uplifted works

Achieve unlimited scale with fresh video ads

We help your team rapidly test new creative by providing fresh videos on a weekly basis, while automating content moderation, usage rights, and incentives.

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On-brand authentic videos within 24 hours

Receive native video creatives built according to your brand guidelines and edited with conversion top of mind, ready to use on every marketing platform.

Uplifted brand kit
Uplifted Brand Kit

Reach your customers in every language & location

Let your real customers do the talking with hyper-personalized video content that speaks their language and hits all the cultural nuances.

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Multi-language and global reach
Global reach and multi-language
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Cast’s creative engine delivers engaging content across the globe

Ready to get a steady stream of high-performing videos?