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Accelerate brand growth using impactful video ads showcasing your loyal customers

Fuel your marketing strategies with genuine customer videos, igniting audience engagement and boosting conversions across all channels.
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Drive exceptional video engagement across TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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Elevate your marketing impact with optimized social media-focused creatives.

Leverage Uplifted's platform to maximize content production, harnessing the power of customer insights
and AI-driven creativity for highly impactful and precise marketing campaigns.

Increase brand sentiment

Seamlessly create authentic and engaging videos that resonate with your target audience, fostering positive brand perceptions.

Optimize resource allocation

Streamline your video creation process to reduce manual tasks, and enable your teams to focus on strategic initiatives and higher-value activities.

Reduce customer acqusition costs

Maximize your marketing budget by creating highly engaging and cost-effective video content that resonates with your target audience, driving more efficient customer acquisition.

Give your UA & Creative teams the edge they need to win

Get ready-to-use video ad creative that will differentiate your brand, fast. Stand out with a completely new video format that helps your teams deliver a unique and engaging experience to your audience.

Simplify content creation with seamless CRM integration

Connect to any CRM platform and let Uplifted guide your customers to produce the right content based on your specific needs, with the process running autonomously on autopilot.

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Leverage the power of customer testimonials for any service and product

Empower your customers to become your best brand advocates, sharing their experiences and love for your brand in engaging, social media-optimized video content.

Get social videos for every product or service you sell
Get social videos for every product or service you sell

Ensure consistent branding across all content

With Uplifted’s brand kit and asset management tools, consistently produce content that is built according to your brand guidelines and optimized for every social media platform.

On brand content
On brand content

Efficiently expand your brand's global reach

Create hyper-personalized video content in every language and location, engaging with your customers in a way that speaks their language and understands their cultural nuances.

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Multi Language
Multi Language
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Uplifted’s workflow engine automates the entire value chain, from sourcing customers for video shoots to editing videos for final production. We get ready-to-use content for performance marketing campaigns at the speed of light.
Felix Leshno
Underoutfit CEO
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