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September 5, 2023

BFCM 2023 & ChatGPT: Top 50 Prompts to Prepare for Black Friday/Cyber Monday

Yoav Aziz
Yoav Aziz

Black Friday/Cyber Monday (BFCM) 2023 is a pivotal opportunity for businesses. Leveraging ChatGPT can give you an edge. Here are 50 prompts to get the best out of ChatGPT for BFCM.

Market Research Prompts

  • What are the key BFCM trends for 2023?
  • Tell me the expected BFCM trends in 2023
  • Who is my target audience for BFCM?
  • Help me define my target audience for BFCM 2023
  • What are popular products for BFCM?
  • List products that typically sell well during BFCM

Content Creation Prompts

  • Create a BFCM email headline
  • Generate a catchy BFCM email headline
  • Draft BFCM social media post
  • Write a compelling Instagram post for a BFCM deal
  • Write a BFCM blog intro
  • Compose an introduction for a blog post about BFCM 2023 deals

Strategy Planning Prompts

  • Outline an email marketing strategy for BFCM 2023
  • Give me a social media marketing plan for BFCM
  • Describe an SEO strategy focused on BFCM 2023

Financial Analysis Prompts

  • How do I calculate ROI for my BFCM campaigns?
  • How should I allocate my budget for BFCM 2023?
  • Help me create a BFCM sales forecast

Chatbot Scripting Prompts

  • Write a chatbot script for handling BFCM customer inquiries
  • Draft a chatbot script for abandoned carts during BFCM
  • Generate a chatbot script to announce BFCM promotions
  • Create a chatbot script for upselling during BFCM
  • Write a chatbot script for cross-selling during BFCM

User Experience Prompts

  • Give me tips for improving website usability for BFCM
  • How can I optimize the mobile experience for BFCM shoppers?
  • Provide tips to improve my website speed for BFCM

Crisis Management Prompts

  • How should I prepare my website for high BFCM traffic?
  • "Tell me strategies for managing negative reviews during BFCM."
  • "How to handle inventory issues during BFCM?"

Customer Engagement Prompts

  • Outline an email re-engagement campaign for BFCM
  • How can I use my loyalty program to boost BFCM sales?
  • Tell me about retargeting strategies effective for BFCM
  • How to maintain customer engagement after BFCM?
  • Provide best practices for using push notifications during BFCM

Reporting and Analytics Prompts

  • List KPIs I should monitor during BFCM
  • What should I include in my post-BFCM performance analysis?
  • Explain how to set up conversion tracking for BFCM
  • How can I monitor and prevent website downtime during BFCM?
  • Tell me how to analyze traffic sources for BFCM

Social Media Prompts

  • Give me creative Instagram story ideas for BFCM
  • Write a Facebook ad copy suitable for BFCM
  • Share tips to increase Twitter engagement during BFCM
  • Describe a B2B marketing strategy on LinkedIn for BFCM
  • Tell me how to leverage Pinterest for BFCM


  • Share best practices for live chat support during BFCM
  • How do I manage BFCM promotions across different time zones?
  • What legal issues should I consider for BFCM?
  • How can I make my BFCM more sustainable?
  • Tell me how to effectively use gift cards for BFCM
  • How can I promote the wishlist feature for BFCM?
  • Best ways to utilize QR codes during BFCM?
  • hare some SMS marketing tips for BFCM
  • How can I enhance the unboxing experience for BFCM orders?
  • Provide tips for managing returns after BFCM
  • Tell me how to localize my content for international customers during BFCM
  • Give me tips on preventing fraud during BFCM

ChatGPT is your best BFCM 2023 prep assistant. Just copy and paste these prompts, and you’re on your way to crushing BFCM this year!

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