Paid Ads Strategies
August 30, 2023

Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) Preparation: 12 Practical Steps for Paid and User Acquisition

Yoav Aziz
Yoav Aziz

Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) are the Super Bowl of online marketing. It's crucial to up your game in both Paid and User Acquisition to capitalize on this retail bonanza. So, how do you prepare your acquisition strategy for BFCM? Let's jump right into it.

1. Set Clear Goals and KPIs

Start by establishing concrete objectives. Are you aiming for a 20% increase in conversions or perhaps a 15% drop in CPA?

  • Example: If your average CPA during the year is $25, aim to bring it down to $20 or even $15 during BFCM.
  • Practical Tip: Use tools like Google Analytics, Amplitude, MixPanel and more to set up goal tracking specific to BFCM.

2. Budget Allocation

During BFCM, ad space becomes pricier. Allocate your budget wisely.

  • Example: Boost your ad spend by 50% during the two weeks leading to BFCM.
  • Practical Tip: Save some budget for last-minute adjustments based on performance.

3. Implement UGC Video Ads

UGC (User-Generated Content) video ads create trust. Uplifted is your one-stop solution for creating authentic UGC video content that converts.

  • Example: Use Uplifted to generate customer testimonials that feature BFCM-specific promotions.
  • Practical Tip: Start as early as you can so you can A/B test the creatives before BFCM

4. Optimize Ad Creatives

Ad creatives should be captivating and relevant to your BFCM promotions.

  • Example: Design carousel ads showcasing your top-selling products with a BFCM twist.
  • Practical Tip: A/B test different creative elements like different hooks and value propositions.

5. Analyze Past Performance

Historical data is your best friend. Evaluate which campaigns worked last year and why.

  • Example: If you found that video ads had a higher ROAS last year, double down on them this BFCM.
  • Practical Tip: Use screen recording tools (Fullstory, Hotjar) to understand user behavior on landing pages from last year.

6. Audience Segmentation

Don't cast a wide net; focus on high-conversion groups.

  • Example: Create lookalike audiences based on your best customers from last BFCM.
  • Practical Tip: Use Facebook Pixel to segment audiences based on on-site behavior.

7. Update Your Landing Pages

Your landing pages should scream BFCM.

  • Example: Add a countdown timer for BFCM-exclusive deals.
  • Practical Tip: A/B test different CTA buttons to find what converts best.

8. Leverage Retargeting Campaigns

Keep your brand top of mind for those who have interacted with your content but haven't converted yet.

  • Example: Run a retargeting campaign with a special BFCM discount for cart abandoners.
  • Practical Tip: Use dynamic ads to show users the exact products they viewed.

9. Leverage Email Campaigns

Your email list is gold. Segment it and send targeted messages.

  • Example: Send a 3-email series, each with increasingly better incentives, leading up to BFCM.
  • Practical Tip: Use your CRM to automate and personalize emails.

10. Multi-Platform Strategy

Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Diversify.

  • Example: Run parallel campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.
  • Practical Tip: Use a tool like Hootsuite to manage multi-platform posting.

11. Analytics and Adjustments

Stay nimble. Monitor performance in real-time and be ready to pivot.

  • Example: Set up a real-time dashboard that tracks CPA, ROAS, and CPI.
  • Practical Tip: Adjust ad spend in real-time based on these key metrics.

12. Time-Limited Offers

Create a sense of urgency with time-sensitive deals.

  • Example: Offer flash sales lasting only a couple of hours.
  • Practical Tip: Use countdown timers on product pages.


Black Friday Cyber Monday is not just another shopping event; it's a field ripe with opportunities for stellar Paid and User Acquisition.
Start planning now and utilize platforms like Uplifted to really drive home your video marketing campaigns.