How Baba Entertainment fueled their growth with authentic video ads

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Baba Entertainment is a gaming house that was founded in 2016 and has quickly become one of the major players in the industry.


  • 01.

    Exponential demand for content 

    Creative becoming stale and hitting fatigue quickly

  • 02.

    Standing out from competition

    Always ended up with the same old concepts and needed new creative angles

  • 03.

    Improving ROAS

    Difficult to improve performance in a repeatable and scalable way

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“In order to grow in a scalable way, you need enough ammunition to fuel it,” Omer Pupkin, Baba’s CMO says. “If I was creating X amount of content before, now I need 5X just to keep traction going.”

In the gaming industry, it’s difficult to find authentic footage of real gamers in action — especially when catering to so many different markets, languages, and personas. Much of their team’s energy was spent trying to find high-quality footage they could use in their ads. 

Internal teams were only able to handle the demand to a certain point – beyond that, they needed to outsource. And even if they did manage to create enough content, the creative concepts they were using ads were repetitive and quickly became stale. 

Gamers were bored of seeing the same ad concepts, and it was difficult to improve key performance metrics, like impressions, CPI, ROAS, and CTR, in a reliable, repeatable, and scalable way. In a sea of lookalike ads, they needed to find a unique angle to stand out from the competition.

We were trying to innovate and come up with new ideas, but always ended up with the same old concepts.
Omer Pupkin
CMO Baba Entertainment

Ready to take your video performance to the next level?


  • 01.

    Easy to deploy, hands-off platform

    Allowing their team to invest their time in more high-value initiatives

  • 02.

    Authentic content

    Reliably drove stronger performance at scale

  • 03.

    New and unique content format

    Standing out in an industry combating ad fatigue

  • 04.

    Generating variations of concepts

    Testing multiple hooks and value proposition to disscover new winning concepts

  • 05.

With Uplifted, Baba finally found a reliable way to create massive amounts of creative at scale.

The sheer volume of raw footage they received from users gave them plenty of material to edit and test. Beyond that, the videos they got using Uplifted drove stronger performance.

“They have an authentic feel that is outstanding and really thumb stopping,” Omer says. “It isn’t pixel perfect — it’s super relatable, by everyday users who resonate with our target audience. It gives us an advantage compared to what’s out there today.”


  • 01.

    63% higher CVR to first time deposit

  • 02.

    32% lower CPA

  • 03.

    30% higher ROAS

  • 04.

    5% higher retention rate

  • 05.

With Uplifted, Baba saw improved performance results across the board. Conversion rate was up 63% and CPA was 32% lower. 

Not only that, but Uplifted videos continued to perform at a better rate for a longer time. Previously, even their top creatives became stale quickly, but Cast videos reliably exceeded performance metrics.

The authentic and unique content stood out among the other ads and reached their audience in a truly relatable way. Plus, Uplifted gave Baba a consistent stream of fresh content so they could continue optimizing without any bottlenecks to delay them.

Uplifted videos have an authentic feel that is outstanding and really thumb stopping.
Omer Pupkin
CMO Baba Entertainment