Unleash customer videos that capture conversions while staying on-brand

Harness the power of Uplifted's platform to consistently receive authentic and captivating customer videos tailored to your paid acquisition requirements.
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Create the most engaging videos for Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube

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Maximize video ad impact with AI-driven creativity and customer collaboration

Utilize the combination of AI and customer creativity to diversify your content, optimize for engagement,
and target your campaigns more effectively.

Improve productivity and reduce costs

Eliminate delays and manual handshakes with creators, letting you focus on what you do best – creating great content.

Optimize creative performance

Deliver tailored video content for each channel and platform. With Uplifted, ensure your creative strategy optimizes performance

Accelerate your creative process

Get ready-to-use video ad creative quickly. Stand out with a new video format that delivers a unique experience to your audience

Create tailored content
for every channel

Streamline your video creation, ensuring consistency across all
channels while enhancing brand alignment.

Be ready with creative for every channel and ad network

Uplifted is fully automated and autonomous — fueling your creative process with video content tailored to every platform you advertise on.

Get social videos for every product or service you sell
Get social videos for every product or service you sell

Guarantee consistent branding

Utilize our brand kit and asset management tools to ensure consistent, on-brand content across all channels.

On brand content
On brand content

Seamlessly produce content in multiple languages and locations

Amplify your team's business impact with hyper-personalized video content, capturing the essence of your customers' language and cultural nuances.

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Multi Language
Multi Language
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Uplifted’s workflow engine automates the entire value chain, from sourcing customers for video shoots to editing videos for final production. We get ready-to-use content for performance marketing campaigns at the speed of light.
Felix Leshno
Underoutfit CEO
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