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January 31, 2024

Harnessing the Power of UGC Video Ads to Discover eCommerce's Hidden Demand

Gal Ofel
Gal Ofel

I've always had a great affinity for working with user acquisition (UA) professionals across various companies. 

Their expertise is invaluable. They possess a keen understanding of their numbers and audience, holding an almost intuitive grasp of what resonates and what doesn't. They are masters of analytics and I don’t need to worry about any of it.

The Unseen Potential in eCommerce

While you may be well-versed in your top-selling products and their ad performance across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, there's a likelihood that you're missing out on the potential of less popular or new products. 

The question that arises is whether these products and/or audiences can generate substantial ROI and contribute to incremental revenue. This uncharted territory represents your untapped, hidden demand.

Uncovering Demand with UGC Videos

Our experience with user-generated content (UGC) videos was eye-opening. The feedback we received from customers shed light on products that were not previously on our radar. These insights helped us identify emerging trends and consumer preferences, leading us to reassess our product focus and target demographics that we had previously overlooked. UGC thus becomes a tool for discovering market niches, shifting trends, and evolving customer needs.

UGC Video Ads and Their Triple Impact

UGC video ads are not just about user acquisition; they're a strategic tool serving three key objectives. 

Firstly, they foster a sense of authenticity, building direct and personal connections with your audience, which is essential for effective user acquisition. 

Secondly, they offer incremental value by expanding demand and conversion beyond your core audience and products. Certain segments respond more favorably to UGC, making these ads a potent tool for monetization. 

Lastly, UGC is a means to continually unearth hidden demand. Engaging with your customers and collecting UGC videos can reveal unexpected treasures – standout products, beloved collections, and emerging niche markets.

Looking Ahead

In a dynamic eCommerce landscape, UGC video ads are not just a marketing tool; they're a strategic asset. By embracing UGC, you can not only enhance your user acquisition efforts but also reveal the untapped potential within your market – discovering hidden gems that could redefine your business strategy.