Elevate patient experience with authentic video content

Create personalized patient testimonials and educational videos, enhancing patient engagement and trust.
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Create the most engaging videos for Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube

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Boost your patient connection

Leverage the power of your satisfied patients and staff by activating them to create high-quality videos at scale.

Boost cost-effectiveness

Streamline your video production process with Uplifted's automated system, eliminating long waits for content and reducing costs.

Drive patient interaction

Deliver engaging videos that provide informative and useful content to your audience, thereby improving engagement and trust.

Decrease CAC

Increase profitability by creating videos to specific audience segments based on demographics, interests, and behavior.

Deliver tailored content for every marketing channel

Leverage Uplifted to automate your video creation, ensuring consistent, on-brand,
and patient-centered content across all channels.

Automate content creation with CRM integration

Connect seamlessly to your CRM, letting Uplifted guide your patients in creating the right content for your needs.

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Leverage patient testimonials for every service you offer

Enable your patients to share their positive experiences with your healthcare services in engaging, social media-friendly videos.

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Maintain a consistent brand voice across all content

With Uplifted’s brand kit and asset management, ensure your video content is consistently on-brand and optimized for every platform.

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girl on beach eating vitmain gummies

Refresh your content regularly

Uplifted provides you with the capability to frequently test new concepts, thus ensuring your content stays fresh and relevant.

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Uplifted’s workflow engine automates the entire value chain, from sourcing customers for video shoots to editing videos for final production. We get ready-to-use content for performance marketing campaigns at the speed of light.
Felix Leshno
Underoutfit CEO
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