About Uplifted

Uplifted enables brands to produce on-brand customer videos and leverage them in paid campaigns to get better results, without added costs or creative bottlenecks.

Our Story

Here at Uplifted, we started with a simple idea: Let's make video ads easy and efficient. We saw brands struggling to create engaging customer videos and knew we could help. So, we designed a platform that automates video creation for businesses. Before we knew it, top brands like Underoutfit, Next Insurance, and Overwolf were using our platform and loving it. Our journey is a real-life example of what happens when tech meets creativity – it's exciting, it's innovative, and it's changing the game.

Every innovation we introduce is designed with our customers in mind, championing their success and amplifying their voices through high-performing videos.

Some of Our Customers

Executive Team

10+ Years of experience as a Product Executive.
Formerly General Manager of Messaging at Booking, Vice President of Product at Yotpo, and CEO of VenTribe.

Itai Raveh, CEO & Co-Founder

15+ Years of experience as an R&D Executive and Software Engineer.
Formerly Vice President of R&D at HYPR (Acquired by Juliusworks), Software Engineer at ironSource, and Team Leader at Ofek 324 Unit - IAF.

Roey Shamir, CTO & Co-Founder

10+ Years of experience as a Growth & Marketing Executive.
Formerly Vice President of Growth at Yotpo, Growth Manager at Fiverr, and held roles at Kaltura & Groupon.

Yoav Aziz, CMO

13+ Years of experience in various R&D departments.
Formerly Team Leader at HiredScore and IDF.

Daniel Balabanovsky, R&D

15+ Years of experience in R&D.
Formerly Team Leader at Bit, Orbotech, and Ofek.

Michael Grissik, R&D

10+ Years of experience in the Media Industry.
Formerly at Channel 13, Kan, BabyTV, Albino Productions & Insoundz.

Dean Parsay, Creative

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